Winter is Leaving

Having worked in banquet hospitality for 17+ years, one thing that is evident about February/March banquets is the renewed sense of energy.   With spring right around the corner, businesses and non-profits alike come alive with excitement and are eager to share their past accomplishments and future goals.

One thing that reinvigorates me, as a photographer, is trying to capture that renewed energy as it moves through a banquet.  So often, I have seen unique moments when someone finally meets a colleague that they’ve heard so much about, or when a small group is intently listening to an expert share their experiences and knowledge.  These kinds of genuine interactions are a photographer’s dream –they’re my dream– and they allow me to tell a story that describes a community.

Now, there are certainly more important photographs that need to be taken at these events.  Shots of VP’s, shots of keynote speakers, shots that non-profits need for grant applications, etc… These are important photos in terms of ‘requirements’, but I don’t believe that they are the most important…  I believe the photographs that reflect the community as a whole are the most important.  Happy spring function, everyone!

– Jose Perez